The Biggest Mistake You Can Make is to Think You Study for Someone Else

It is clear that all of us have our own dreams, purposes, strivings. But do we really realize that they are only our purposes and they are necessary only for us? So this topic gives us cause for reflection. Doubtless it is a vital problem especially for a young generation.
The trouble is that young people don’t understand what they do thoroughly to my mind. Since their childhood their parents have been speaking to them^ “you must graduate from the university to be with good prospects”. – “Oh. Yes”, - young people answer. But why? What for? Some of them do it for their mothers’ sake, others – because every civilized man must have the first degree, but not for themselves. In the results they are not professional, they are not masters of their craft, they are “mediocrity”. May be the reason is that young people so used to be sure in their parents, used to rely on their help and support, that they don’t want to bear the responsibility for their lives. But it is not right. Every young man should understand that he is the master of his fate. He should know his interests, purposes, ideals exactly and follow them only for his own sake. If he decided to receive higher education he should understand what HE wants to get from it. If he decided to take up something he should realize why HE does it. So It is very important for young people to realize that whatever a man does he does it for himself first of all.
I would like to hold up as an example Petr Ivanovich Aduev, one of the main characters of the novel “The ordinary story” by Goncharov. This character always knew that it was only for him to study, to work, to reach a position of eminence. And he was working hard for a long time. He was a poor student and became a successful, respectable man.
So it is clear that the problem of the attitude of the young generation to studying, to the future is vital. To think that everything will be good is the property of the youth. Young people think that their lives will always be carefree. But it is not so. The sooner they understand it the better.