Money Can not Keep Shame and Sorrow out of Rich People’s Houses

Since early times money has had a great role in people’s life. And nowadays its role is not less. It can buy a dream, respect, definite status in society, a beautiful life for people.
The houses of rich people as a rule are so bright and shining, they are full of rejoicings, sweet smiles, pleasant greetings. People look so happy there. And this world looks so wonderful, so good-natured. It seems that defects, crimes can not be there. But is it really so? I think it is only appearance, only false polish, false politeness. Rich people, not everybody of course, try to cover up their nature, their crimes with money. They try to buy appearance for themselves. They try to keep their weak sides out in their smart houses. Rich people think that they can buy everything.
But can money keep shame and sorrow out of rich people’s houses? I think it can not. Everything will be exposed sooner or later. And it will be clear that money is only a mask. And shining appearance, gloss will fade. I think that people should deserve respect by their acts and their human features. Otherwise such feelings as love, friendship, respect, attention will remain false as luster of rich people’s houses.
I suppose that a bright example of this topic is “School of Malignant gossip” by Sharidan. There was a whole panorama of characters, which proves that money can not keep shame and sorrow out of rich people’s houses there. The character’s of work seemed very nice people. They smiled to each other, paid compliments to each other, admired each other. But in reality they were angry, envious and they were fond of ill-natured talking about other people’s affairs. They machinated, they lied and they didn’t appreciate anything, except their money of course. One of the characters, whose name was Joseph, even didn’t appreciate his family. He showed his poor relative the door, who needed his help. But everybody thought that Joseph was the kindest, the most honest, the nicest at all. But when Joseph and other characters were unmasked they seemed rather miserable and ludicrous. They were not so beautiful. Money could not keep their nature out.
So, I think it is clear that money and wealth can not save from defection. The real nature will be exposed.