Many Words Hurt More than Swords

A word is an integral part of our life. We communicate, express our thoughts with the help of words. Poets and writers create their works, and we admire the beauty of their words. There are a lot of words, and people use them every day. And nobody thinks that a word may be a “weapon” which can really hurt, change people’s life.
A man has been creating many means that could protect him at the moment of danger for many years. Armours, arms, medicine, different new technologies defend a man, his body from danger, pain. But what about his soul& It is unprotected. However people try to shut themselves off from environment, their inner world remains open. And words are the most powerful weapon to hurt it.
“A word is an action” – Tolstoy said. And I think that it is really so. Rash words as well as rash actions hurt people. How we use words rashly under the influence of our emotions. And we don’t understand that these words hurt our close people. We will be sorry about it in several minutes. We will be ready to do everything to put right our mistakes. But it will be too late. The word has already been said. It has been stuck deeply into the heart. And it hurts more than sword. The wound will not heal to an end. It will be bleeding for all the time.
The bright example of the influence of words is the scene from the story “Asya” by I.S. Turgenev. The feelings of the young girl Asya were hurt by her beloved’s words . He said that only she was guilty in the break of their relations. And she couldn’t bear it. She dropped on her knees and began to sob. Her beloved man tried calm her, he was already sorry for his words. But she ran out of the room and disappeared forever. Of course he missed her, tried to look for her. But it was too late. She couldn’t forgive him.
In conclusion I would like to say that we should hold our emotions back and should use words rashly. It will keep us from a lot of fatal mistake which will be able to destroy our life and close people’s lives.