A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss

This proverb appeared many years ago. But it is still vital up to the present time. Since early times a man’s nature has been remaining unchanged. He has the same habits, the same necessities. Nowadays as earlier people want to have a good job, brilliant career, good position in society. They want to have wonderful life and to have the necessary for it. That is why a lot of thoughts, dreams and plans run in people’s heads. But is it enough? Of course not.
It is necessary for people to understand that they are masters of their fate. Only they are able to realize their dreams and plans. Only if people try to do something on the way to their dreams, it will come true without fail. But people are organized so that they don’t choose difficult ways. They have gotten used to explain their inaction with the help of unfortunate coincidence, lack of opportunity, lack of talent and so on. This way is likely to be the easiest to justify themselves.
Every man must understand what is necessary important for him, to set himself to it and work very hard for the achievement of his purpose in order to be successful, worthy member of society. And one needn’t wait for somebody to come and help and talk him into doing something. But on the contrary people should try to do everything in their power, to knock at every door. The main thing, to my mind, is to oneself.
To prove it I would like to give an example from the novel “The ordinary story” by Goncharov. The main character Alexander was a dreamy young man, who arrived in Snt. Petersburg from the village to his uncle. His uncle helped him to take a job and everything was rather well at the beginning. But when Alexander had some problems, failures with job, love or friendship, he felt utterly discouraged. He blamed the city, people surrounding him for it, but not himself. He even didn’t try to change the situation. He complained only, but did nothing. He became indifferent to life and looked at everything with sleepy eyes. And he had nothing. Alexander was thirty when he could force himself and achieve something.
In conclusion I would like to say that a man is very strong indeed. And it is said that there is nothing impossible for him. It only takes one’s desire to do it and aspire with all one’s strength.