Love and Marriage

It is known that a man is connected with society. He can’t be alone, he is in contact with people constantly. But he should have close people in his circle. He needs in their support among constantly growing problems. Of course a man has family, friends. But his dearest person whom he can tell his thoughts, whom he can get away from the problems with, takes a specific position. So, a man strives to find such person to make his own family. So we can see that love and marriage are important for people. And I would like to tell about it. First of all I'll tell about different types of marriage. And then I would like to tell about perfect marriage to my mind.

So marriage is family marital relations between men and women. Usually they register marriage in register office. Bride and groom give consent to conclusion of marriage they exchange wedding rings, consolidate his alliance with kiss and get marriage certificate. 

But people can also have a church wedding. Before it their alliance is to be blessed by parents of bridegrooms. A couple takes an oath before vicar to keep faithfulness, to care about each other. Such wedding ceremony is accompanied by the choir. But nowadays this wedding ceremony is rare.

In modern society notions about family and marriage are different. There are different types of marriage. For example civil marriage which become widespread form of the family. This marriage is not registered. Here the wish to be together while it is necessary for both man and woman is the guarantee of relations. Another type of marriage is misalliance. This type is characterized by great disparity in age between man and woman. The marriage of convenience is the marriage for practical reasons. Here feelings are not important. And of course there is a love marriage. I think that it is a perfect type of marriage. It is based on mutual feeling which is called love. 

Some people don’t people believe in love trying to study it, to order it, to understand why it arises. But I think it is impossible. To my mind love is the most unaccountable feeling.