Illnesses and Their Treatment.

It is known that heath is very important and necessary thing for everybody. We should remember that health is not only the absence of illnesses but it is physical, social and mental welfare. It influences not only our physical state but mood, our relations with people. When person is healthy he is opened for society, he is full of forces, he can do everything. So it goes without saying that the proverb “health is better than wealth” is true. But unfortunately nowadays to be healthy is very difficult because there are a lot of bacteria and viruses around us. Now some of them begin to adapt themselves to influence of medicines that is why to overcome them is difficult in some cases. So to know different diseases, their reasons, their treatment is very important to try avoiding them. Therefore the topic “Illnesses and their Treatment” is very actual. And I would like to tell about it. First of all I’ll tell about different about difference of some terms. Then I’ll tell about the classification of illnesses. And finally I would like to tell about medicines and specialists who help us to overcome such a variety of diseases.

We should distinguish following terms which have alike translation but have different meanings. These terms are illness-disease, ache-pain, to cure-to treat. In dictionary we can find such interpretations of these words. An illness is the state of being physically or mentally ill. A disease is a medical problem affecting humans often caused by infection. Pain is the feeling that you have in your body when you have been hurt or when you are sick. Ache is the feeling of pain in part of the body caused by doing something. To cure means to make a person healthy again after an illness. And to treat means to give a medical cure or attention to a person. So, knowing the difference between these terms we can use them in our speech in the right way.  

There are a lot of diseases nowadays. One kind of them is light indisposition. They are a headache, stomachache, dizziness, nausea, slight cough, chill. These diseases are accompanied by a weakness, a breach of capacity for work, sleepiness.

Another kind of diseases is injuries. The injury is a breach of skin, bones in the result of external influence. The injuries are divided into wounds, cuts, abrasions, fractures, strains, burns, dislocations.   

The other definite group is infectious diseases. They are evoked by bacteria, viruses which surround us everywhere. There are infectious diseases which people have at once. These diseases form immunity in people’s organisms. They are measles, chicken pox, mumps, whooping-cough. At the same time there are infectious diseases which people have several times. They are flue, diphtheria, dysentery, quinsy, cholera, typhoid fever, black death.

We can also distinguish a group of incurable diseases. They are cancer, AIDS. One more kind of illnesses is a group of chronic diseases. These diseases continue for a long time. They are allergy, bronchitis, ulcer of stomach, rheumatism.

But fortunately there are a lot of specialists in modern medicine who can help us in case of need. I would like to present the following classification of professions: a general practitioner, a dentist, a children’s doctor, a nerve specialist, an eyespecialist, surgeon, obstetrician. Every of these doctors is professional in a definite sphere.

But except a professional medicine a folk medicine exists in our life. The folk medicine is an experience which is passed through many generations. People use herb-beers, mineral water, medical baths for their treatment.

So it is clear that we should care about our health, we should visit a doctor regularly, follow his instructions because even slight indisposition can become serious disease.