A visit to a doctor

Nowadays people don’t care about their health. They are so busy. They don’t sleep enough? Don’t eat enough. They don’t think that their organisms get tired, weakened. And a visit to a doctor becomes inevitable. The role of doctors in our life is great. They help to overcome diseases, to restore on immunity and return life. I would like to tell about complains which bring people to a doctor. Then  I’ll explain the difference between outpatients and inpatients.  Further I’ll tell how a visit to a doctor passes and tell you about my visit. 

There are a lot of complains which are linked with different systems of organism. 

The most widespread complains are cough, nausea, vomiting, dizziness. In these cases a general practitioner will help.

If you have vision disorders, sharp pain in your eyes you should go to an eye specialist. But when sore throat, running nose, hoarseness of voice, inflammation of tonsils disturb you, you should visit a throat specialist.

Dentist will help you if you have problems with your teeth. These problems are loose tooth, caries, inflammation of gums.

Sooner or later all women will have to go to an obstetrician.  They should visit this doctor when they have breach of their periods, different pains, bleeding. Every woman should be examined by specialist in obstetrics periodically.

Such specialist as surgeon can help with appeared swellings, purulent affection of skin. In connection with lack of sleep, with furious pace of life people have problems with their nerves. Headaches, breach of coordination, breach of sensibility begin to appear. In such cases people should go to a nerve specialist.

Depending on what complains people have they can be out-patients or in-patients. An out-patient is a sick man who is at home during his illness and takes the doctor’s prescription independently but go to policlinic for examination and observation for results of treatment. An in-patient is such a person who takes a whole course of treatment in hospital. This man is under a constant monitoring of medical workers.    

So when different complains, pains disturb people they have to go to a doctor. When a patient enters the doctor’s room doctor invites him to sit down. First of all he asks patient/s name, his complains and their duration. Further he inquires after hereditary diseases, chronicle diseases, allergy. After this he begins examination of patient. He examines a respiratory system, pulse and whole organism. If a patient needs the doctor prescribes additional methods of examination, for example a blood test, X-ray, ultrasonic method of diagnostic. And after all the doctor diagnoses, writes out a prescription, gives some recommendations and releases for home treatment or takes a sick man to hospital. So we can see that a good specialist makes full-value examination of organism. 

As for me, the reason of my visit to the doctor was a bad purulent lump on my forehead. When I entered the doctor’s room he asked me about my complains, about allergy. He said that I had a furuncle and took me o hospital. Then ha called me in his room in ten minutes and lanced my boil. It was so suddenly and painfully. After he prescribed daily binding and injections three times a day for me. I didn’t know that furuncle is so seriously.

In conclusion I would like to tell that people should care about their health to avoid illnesses. But if they fall ill, they shouldn’t postpone their visit to a doctor.