I’d like to speak about relationships. We live in a society and every day we communicate with different people. So relationships between people are also different.

So, first of all I’ll tell you about the importance of the topic, then I’ll give the definition of “relationship”, then I’ll speak about qualities of healthy relationships, after that I’ll represent to you different kinds of relationships and tell you what the relationship is for me.

Every person in this world has some relationships with the people whom he or she interacts with. We study, work, meet our friends and we are in a constant communication with people. These relationships are of different types. With our colleagues at work we have business relations, with friends we are in closer connection. We can’t live in isolation. I think almost everyone has at least a rough idea in mind as to how a relationship needs to be. We wish for happy and good relationships with everyone but it is not possible. People can have many kinds of relationships with others and one relationship has to go through a number of stages itself. 

We see that in everyday life we enter various relations. So, what is relationship? According to the explanatory dictionary be Hornby “relationship” is the way in which people, groups or countries behave towards each other or deal with each other and also a loving and/or sexual friendship between two people. Thus we can say that relationship is the way we communicate with people. 

Relationships should be healthy to my mind. As for healthy relationships I’d like to say that healthy relationships are fun and make us feel good about ourselves. We can have a healthy relationship with anyone in our life, including our family, friends and dating partners. Relationships take time, energy, and care to make them healthy. The relationships that we make in our teen years will be a special part of our life and will teach us some of the most important lessons about who we are. That’s why we should know different kinds of relationships, what makes each relationship special, and how to communicate in a positive way. So, what makes a relationship healthy?

Communication and Sharing: The most important part of any healthy relationship between two people is being able to talk and listen to one another. You and the other person can figure out what your common interests are. You can share your feelings with the other person and trust that they will be there to listen and support you. In healthy relationships, people don't lie. Communication is based on honesty and trust. By listening carefully and sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person, you show them that they are an important part of your life.

Respect and Trust: In healthy relationships, you learn to respect and trust important people in your life. Disagreements may still happen, but you learn to stay calm and talk about how you feel. Talking calmly helps you to understand the real reason for not getting along, and it's much easier to figure out how to fix it. In healthy relationships, working through disagreements often makes the relationship stronger. In healthy relationships, people respect each other for who they are. This includes respecting and listening to yourself and your feelings so you can set boundaries and feel comfortable. You will find that you learn to understand experiences and feelings of others as well as having them understand your experiences and feelings.

So how to know that you have a healthy relationship with someone?

•You know that you are in a healthy relationship with someone because you feel good about yourself when you are around that person. Unhealthy relationships can make you feel sad, angry, scared, or worried. 

•Healthy peer relationships involve an equal amount of give and take in the relationship. In unhealthy relationships, there is an unfair balance. You may feel that most of the time you are giving the other person more attention than they give to you. 

•You should feel safe around the other person and feel that you can trust him/her with your secrets. In a healthy relationship, you like to spend time with the other person, instead of feeling like you're pressured into spending time with them. Unhealthy relationships do not include trust and respect, which are very important parts of a family relationship, good friendship, or dating relationship. No one deserves to be in an unhealthy relationship. 

If you don't feel that there is communication, sharing and trust, you are probably in an unhealthy relationship. You may want to try talking to the other person about how you are feeling. You may even need to end the relationship. If it's hard for you to stop spending time with the other person because you care about them, talk about how to make your relationship healthier or ask a trusted adult for advice. By learning how to build healthy relationships now, you will be able to have healthy relationships with the people you meet throughout your life.

There are many different kinds of relationships, and all of them require a commitment and an understanding between people. Regardless of the type of relationship, the desires are the same, to have perfect harmony between all connected. The first classification is that relationships are divided into:

1.personal – relationships between friends, siblings, fathers and mothers, children, teachers and students, couple and people who are dating, neighbours.

2.positive and loving – they include friendship when people are bosom friends, inseparable. Such people are soulmates and are in close bond between each other. They get on like a house on fire. Loving relationships are relationships when you fall head over heels with somebody or you are infatuated and besotted with someone.

3.problematic – such relationships come across rifts, discords. They are bumpy relationships. and professional relationships – they are in the work sphere.

There is one more classification of relationships. They consist of:

1.friendship – it is a relation which is made by choice. The essence of a true friendship is truth and honesty, loyalty and faithfulness

2.romantic relationship – a relationship involving love

3.siblings – a relationship among siblings. There is both love and hate in a relationship among siblings

4.parents – good parenting means allowing your child to grow in its own way and helping it alongside 

So, relationships are different and there is some positive and negative points in each of them.

And now I’d like to speak what the relationship is for me. I think that the relationship is the way we communicate with people. And this way isn’t easy because we should work a lot to make good relationships. So, relationships for me are relations with people whom I can trust, call on for help and rely on.

Relationships are essential for living a happy life. We must make every effort to keep our relationships healthy and to nurture them. We must value whatever we have and take care of them. In any relationship, honesty and trust are the most important.