I’d like to speak about home. Home is a very important place for everyone. We live there, spend our time, receive guests. So, home is an integral part in our life.

So, first of all I’ll tell you about the role of homes in our life, then I’ll give definitions of terms “home” and “house” and their difference, further on I’ll introduce different types of houses, then I’ll speak about homestyles, lifestyles and at last I’ll tell you about house of my dream.

I should say that home plays a very important role in our life. The saying “An English-man’s home is his castle” reflects its importance. Home is the place, where you can have a rest, where you feel comfortable and where you have different things of great significance for you. That’s why, it’s important for everyone.

So, there are some definitions of terms “home” and “house”. I’d like to say that there is a difference in their meanings and the explanatory dictionary by Hornby helps us to differentiate these terms. “Home” is the house or flat that you live in, especially with your family, or it is the town, district, country that you come from, or where you are living and that you feel you belong to. The term “house” means a building for people to live in, usually for one family. So, we should remember these words and use them in a right way.

Further on I’d like to speak about different types of houses. There are 9 of them:

1.detached house: not joined to any other house

2.semi-detached house (informal: semi-): joined to one other house

3.self-contained flat: does not share facilities with any other 

4.terraced house: joined to several houses to form a row

5.cottage: small house in the country or in a village

6.bungalow: house with only one storey (no upstairs)

7.bedsit: bedroom and living room all in one

8.villa: large house with a big gardens or a rented house in a holiday resort/tourist area

9.time-share: holiday flat or house where you have the right to live one or two weeks a year

So, we see that there are many types of houses where people can live in. As for me, I prefer a detached house. I like a separate building, with a garden and a yard where you can rest, play with your friends.

Now I want to introduce some homestyles. Different people prefer different homestyles. They can be:

1.a squat is an empty building where people start living without the owner’s permission

2.a hovel is a very poor, dirty house or flat in a bad condition

3.a pied à terre is a small flat or house in a city owned or rented by people in addition to their main home and used when they are visiting the city

4.a penthouse is a luxury flat at the top of a building

5.council housing is provided by the state for people who cannot afford to buy their own homes

6.high-rise flats are flats in a tall, modern building with a lot of floors

7.a granny flat is a set of rooms for an elderly person, connected to a relative’s house

8.a bachelor flat is a one-roomed flat

As for modern lifestyles I should say that today many people want to get out of the rat race (unpleasant way in which people struggle competitively for wealth or power) and live a less stressful or less conventional lifestyle. There are 5 lifestyles:

1.Feng Shui: a Chinese philosophy which states that the position of buildings and the arrangement of objects in the home affects the health and well-being of people living there

2.Minimalism: a style which involves using the smallest possible range of materials, colours, etc. and only the most simple shapes or designs

3.Post-modernism: a style of architecture, the arts, etc. popular in the 1980s and 1990s which includes features from several different periods

4.New Age: a way of life and thinking which developed in the late 1980s and includes a wide range of beliefs and activities, e.g. astrology, alternative medicine, that are not accepted by most people and are a reaction against modern scientific and economic developments

5.Subsistence farming: where people live by growing just enough food for their own family

So, lifestyles vary and as tastes differ each man prefers different lifestyles in the house.

I’d like to tell you about house of my dream. My dream is a detached house, I dream about a small garden with flowers. I’d also like to have a swimming-pool. I like to receive guests, play with them or cook something tasty, that’s why I want to have a yard where we’d can rest and spend a good time.

The proverb says “There is no place like home” and I agree with it. Everybody should have his favourite place where he feels pleasant and calm.