Text analysis “Three men in the boat”.

I’d like to tell you about my analysis of the story “Three men in the boat”. It is a very interesting story written by Jerome K. Jerome. He is one of the popular and well-known English authors. He is famous for writing essays, short stories, and novels. Especially, he is famous for his special humor, all his stories are based on that sparkling manner of writing.
The story "Three men in the boat" by Jerome K.Jerome presents that three men with a dog stayed at the village. The action centers after their decision to stay at one of the shiplake islands for a night. Then, they decided to make a supper, using all the ingredients and remains of food they have. The initial paragraph shows how they'd finished cooking. The last paragraph describes that they've enjoyed an excellent supper. Text is divided into four sections. The climax of the story is episode when dog brings a water-rat and friends decided whether they will put it in the Irish stew or not.
The main character of the story is George. In my opinion, he is very experienced and educated man, because he’ll find a way to solve all the problems, and he knows how to behave in any kind of situation. George is leader, he makes decisions and his friends follow him. Through the story I noticed: “George said”, “George did something”. Also, he is brave but on the other hand prefers to be on the safe side and “not try experiments”, he is careful. George is very economical.
The main theme of the story, in my opinion, is “three friends’ supper”, and the idea of the story is “extraordinary solving of the friends’ problem”. Actually, this phrase from the text may also show the idea: “I don’t think I ever enjoyed a meal more. There was something so fresh and piquant about it. ..Here was a dish with a taste like nothing else on earth.” It means their great success in cooking supper. The mood in the story is rather emotional and ironic, realistic. In some parts its cheerful, in some – quite and restful, lyrical for example in describing nature. Tonality in the story is very enthusiastic, rather bright and emotional.
Now I’d like to tell you about the realization of the idea on different levels. As for the choice of words, in this text author uses more bookish words, than colloquial. In the beginning, in the description of Sonning author uses bookish words to create the mood (for example: undertaking). He also uses colloquial words in the description of cooking process (get rid of, etc). Choice of vocabulary tells us about the characters of the story.
To express the idea, author uses many stylistic devices such as irony – because he wants to show humorous situations; metaphors, such as fairy-like nook, extraordinary shape, smothered in roses; epithet, for example, sweet Sonning; and zeugma – scraping potatoes/scraping ourselves. The story is full of funny comic situations, and he uses these stylistic devices to make them brighter. These devices help reader to understand the main idea of the text better.
All in all, the text presents that you can do something good even if you are not sure, you must try something new. As for my impression, after reading this story I realized, that before having something one should make it. So, I guess Jerome K. Jerome gives a wise lesson to his readers. I recommend this interesting story to everyone.